Friday, July 14, 2006

Lebanon Update Final

Hey everyone

Well some of you have heard about what is happening in
Lebanon right now and I just wanted to say to you all
that I am back in the states.  Sorry I never wrote the
last Lebanon update, I got home about three weeks ago
and went right away to work.  It was a crazy
experience over there in Lebanon but I made it out and
am alive happy and better for having been though all
of it .  Thank you all of you for keeping up with me
and showing your support while I was away.  It felt
relay good to hear from you and to be able to share
with you the intense experiences I was going through.

It has been a whirl wind ever since I got back to New
York.  So far I worked a festival (Bonnarroo) in
Tennessee, that was crazy.  I only had one day rest
between flying home from Beirut and then going to the
4 day festival.  The following weekend I worked on a
job in San Francisco and then La with a Kiss tribute
band made up of little people.  That was kind of weird
the name of the band was Minni Kiss and none of the
members were over 3 feet high.  Then if that were not
enough the following week I had to lead an ensemble to
work for the Blumeburg foundation summer party.   

So much has happened I haven't had hardly enough time
to think.  Like jumping out of the frying pan and into
the fire.  But now I am at a pause and able to

The big thing is I am back and safe.  It sucks what is
going on over there in Lebanon right now and it seems
like the news only gives you one little bit of the
story.  Now that I have gotten so close to my extended
family there in Lebanon I feel kind of like that's my
country getting attacked.   I would go into it but I
really don't feel like talking politics right now so
just if everyone would wish that the attacks would
stop maybe that will help.  If you don't know what's
going on, then watch the news or google Lebanon bombs
and you will find out.

So that's about it for now,  I will keep you posted in
the future on other adventures that I may be climbing
on board.  Especially those adventures that take me
out of the country for an extended period of time. 

By the way I got to give birth to  a couple of really
cool production numbers that I am really proud of.  A
giant fabric number and a bubble production number.
They were my dream projects and because this TV
program had a pretty generous budget we were able to
pull them off.  The only ketch was we had to do
everything in 4 days time.  That means all costumes
props choreography and technical directions had to be
figured out.  Not to mention we had other production
numbers that we were working on simultaneously.


Michael Saab