Saturday, April 08, 2006

first post

hi my name is michael saab and this is my new blog thing. My Friend Marie set this up for me because I am a blog retard so bare with me as i figure out how to make this blog thing cool. So i am a circus variety performer living in NYC. Check out my web site I am going to Beruit Lebanon on monday for two months. I am definitely excited about that. Well I will write more later got to go now.



~marie said...

YAY!!! you did it!
can't wait to read about all your adventures!!! :)

dirt said...

yea ok cool dat right on dude! fun for the whole disfunctional family

Laura :) said...

Hi Michael! I am really looking forward to reading about your trip to Lebanon if you find time to write about it. Marie has been telling me all about your conversations with each other, and I really hope we will all be spending some time together in the Big Apple this winter! I think your show is fascinating, and I would love to see it if the opportunity ever presents itself! (Say, Jan. 2007, perhaps?) Have a safe journey! Your "little" friend for the small hometown, Laura

Michelle Palmer said...

Hi Michael,
I came upon your blog by doing a google search for Zahalie, Lebanon. My family research has led me to find out that (who I believe is) my great great grandfather was born in "Zahalie, Syria" in 1865. I guess with borders moving after the split of the Ottoman Empire, this is probably now in Lebanon, but what I cannot figure out is... where is Zahalie? I can't find it on google maps. Is it Zahle, Lebanon?

I'm also very interested to talk to you because my relatives were Catholic and your family is too, and given the politics of the region, it seems that this must be quite rare.

I hope you can contact me.
Thanks a bunch for your post!