Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beirut-Mission Fashion-Week Three

OK their is a lot to tell you. I will try and be quick because now I am in Zahle. the city in Lebanon where pretty much all of my ancestors here in Lebanon live.
So Yesterday we accomplished something that I thought I would never have believed I would do. We lit the runway on fire. We had the technicians build for us special metal trays that we arranged along each side of the runway that we then let on fire. It was very dangerous. Flambeau was set in the middle of the set in a white leisure suit and these giant burning wings hung by a rope. He started the number by lighting the ends of this fire train that sent the runway to light on fire like a trail of fire chasing down both sides burning in a fiery inferno flames about 3 feet high. Then he was lifted like a fiery angel up above the stage. We had 8 male models on either side of the stage topless and dressed in red holding torches. Two girls hanging in hoops wearing fire showgirl outfits and then I came down the stairs like a fire monster, painted in metallic gold, I went out to the middle of this flaming runway and performed my double staff routine. It was unreal I definitely think we got the attention of this country. If they didn't know us before they definitely do now.
This morning My cousin who I only just met picked me up and we drove off to Zahle. I am meeting all of my Lebanese cousins right now for the first time. (i have a list and i have been just checking them off I think i am to about 22 now) They all live in the same neighborhood. Somehow all of the children of my grandfather's sister and their children live in these houses almost connected to each other. I think when the family gets bigger they just add on a floor and the building gets taller. The structure is a concrete cement block building flat roof so it is easy to do. I am seeing the house where my grandfather lived and everyone is so nice. The problem is there is so little English spoken. I will be here for the next couple of days then i go back to Beirut.
I just feel like I have to write something because the last few days have been so intense. I am in the middle of the thick of it right now so I will go back to live it and get back to you as soon as i have real time to reflect.

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