Monday, May 08, 2006

Beirut-Mission Fashion-Week Four

I will try to make this brief because I have been in this Internet cafe on this slow computer for too long.
Things are well, the shows are well, I rented a car, and I have a Lebanon cell phone now. If you need to get in touch with me here is the number. When calling form the us dial (001-096-1-03-746988)
I love this country and now that I have a car and a cell phone it has really opened up to me!! There is so much to see and I am so excited to explore all of it!
I have a few photos to share with you this week.
So to quickly recap the production numbers we did this week, one was a wedding theme and the second was Japanese.
In the wedding, the designers showed their wedding gowns and I created two pink and white birds that were flown on stage as they walked down the runway. It was really beautiful. The scene showed white candles, flowering vines, canopies made of pink and white tulle. Dancers leading the models to the runway and 6 little girls throwing flowers as they walked. And of course my sunburned pigeons. No just kidding they were beautiful and added a lot. I think outside the models they were the most featured part of the number. It really was pretty. Nice to know that even though this is not my first choice of theme to work in, I can make an impression.
As for the Japanese theme I created two golden 22 foot flags. Flambeaux and I waved our freak flags on either side of the stage as Amy Goodheart sat in a lyra high above the stage with a red dress on that reached the floor. I really would like to go into this number but I really don't have time so just imagine how Flambeaux and I felt when one of us said "ok time to go get on our makeup so we can go and wave our flags" It was brilliant but funny to realize what we are doing here to make a living.
This weeks shows were great but were definitely a nice break from the fire madness that we produced last week.
Now I am getting ready to leave for a quick trip back to the US to see my bro Ramsey get hitched. He has got to be so excited by now, He has a great fiance and is really lucky. It is going to be great to be reunited with him and all of my family in the next couple of days.
I will be flying to the US tomorrow and will stay for 7 days and then return to Beirut on the 16th to finish this contract. I should win the prize for having to travel the farthest to this event, and I cant help but think how it couldn't possibly get any more different from Bruit to Arizona.
I will have a 5 hour layover in both Houston, TX and Paris France on the way back on the 16th so if any one has any ideas of with who or how I can spend my time please let me know. My US phone number will be working sometime tomorrow night and will be on for the next 7 days the number is 917-710-5080.
Well that is all for now I gotta run. Talk to you soon
Michael Saab

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